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Our overall goal is to focus on:

Connecting STEM projects in Africa with potential investors or sponsors.

Connecting African researchers with potential research partners (individuals, universities, private companies) on the continent and abroad.

Connecting African researchers with potential sponsors/funders (individuals, universities, companies) on the continent and abroad.

Why choose Connecting Africa through Science (CAtS)?

Are you looking for STEM projects to support, talents to invest in, or researchers to collaborate with in Africa? If so, you have come to the right place. We want to support projects and researchers by providing them with the resources they need.

Our STEM projects and researchers are located by working with universities and other institutions across Africa.

Whether you are a philanthropic adviser, a foundation or a business, and would like to learn more about the work we do, please contact us today.

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The people behind Connecting Africa through Science.

Aja Saidy

Founder, Communication Director

During a project about malaria at gymnasium (college), I asked myself “why isn’t there still no cure for malaria when it kills so many people each year?”. I then read an article which stated that one main reason was lack of profit in doing research on malaria, since most people affected by this disease areand can’t afford to buy medicine. Since I lost a cousin to malaria, I was inspired to start Connecting Africa through Science (CAtS). I am passionate about bringing development to Africa in the field of science, as well as creating more international collaboration between researchers in Africa and those abroad.


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Highlighting the challenges of scientific research in Africa.

Chloroquine and Zinc as a cure for Coronavirus

Recent studies claim that the anti-Malaria drug chloroquine and its metabolite hydroxychloroquine, has an effect against Coronavirus. Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine  increases the endosomal pH and interferes with virus particle delivery into host cells.  Several studies have reported Read more…